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Experience an extraordinary evening in Paris by night in an 100% electric tuktuk !

Are you out of ideas of activities to do in Paris by night? You have just discovered Paris and have not yet discovered the magic that Paris offers at night? At the end of the reading of this article, you will be more convinced than ever that a walk or a visit of Paris by Night in Tuktuk is the activity not to be missed!

Paris, at night, is full of secrets and charms. The lighting effects reserved for the squares and various illuminated Parisian buildings are dazzling and particularly rare. If the capital is as beautiful to discover during the day, at night, when the street lights come on and only the lights of monuments illuminate the city, it is a different atmosphere that Paris offers. And it would be a shame to miss this magic, especially as we can find a multitude of reasons to jump into a Tuktuk and immerse yourself in the nightlife of the capital …

A birthday to celebrate, an EVJF / EVFG, a “before” evening to organize, a diploma or promotion to celebrate, our Tuktuk can bring together small groups who would like to prepare a night event, can accommodate up to 6 people! But our vehicles are also suitable for one or two people, who would like to share a more intimate moment, such as the celebration of their wedding anniversary, their wedding night, or the organization of a date: a winning bet that you guaranteed the city light combined with our Tuktuk!

The advantage of opting for the Tuktuk for a Paris by night ?

It is undeniably the electric side that will make you choose the Tuktuk for your night ride. Because who says electric, says silent …. Indeed, opt for a night ride in Tuktuk is the choice of tranquility: enjoy a moment away from the daily horns and hubbub of the city.

But the Tuktuk is also a great way to make great souvenir photos, not only of the illuminated monuments but also of those who accompany you, next to, in front of or in the Tuktuk. It’s up to you to think about the best photo to make …

Above all, our Tuktuk allow you to go for Paris by night all year round! Covered with a tarp and equipped with several plies, our vehicles offer the opportunity to enjoy this ride in winter. Think about it for the end-of-year holidays where the Christmas lights make the City of Light even more majestic than it already is …

So, are you tempted to live this experience of Paris at night in Tuktuk? Tuktuk Ride offers you the opportunity to visit Paris by night in Tuktuk in three versions.

The short version

The short version, one hour, proposes a stroll in the heart of the main illuminated monuments of the capital. The Grand Palais, the National Assembly, the Opera Garnier, or the Avenue des Champs Elysees are all places where Paris offers a breathtaking view at night, thanks to its lights.

The long version

The long version, 2h, is made for lovers of the city of light who would like to take the time to enjoy the magic of Paris at night. This ride, colorful, will transport you near the banks of the Seine, to the heights of Montmatre, without forgetting to go through the flagship monuments of the capital. One of our best seller …

The customized version

If you have a particular desire to discover certain precise recesses of Paris at night, Tuktuk Ride obviously allows you to make a custom tour, the duration as the course of your choice! Do not hesitate to tell us about your trips, as crazy as they are! Our drivers will be happy to show you other places that we initially concocted …

And if you perfect your Night Ride?

Tuktuk Ride also offers you the opportunity to perfect your ride by choosing the music of your choice during your night ride: a lounge atmosphere, jazz, reggae or electro, there is something for everyone.

The bluetooth audio system of our vehicles makes it possible to pass your playlist throughout your ride. You can also trust our drivers who will be happy to find the appropriate music at the unique moment you will pass!

Our Tuktuk are also equipped with multicolored neon lights that illuminate our vehicles and create a special night atmosphere! And yes, it’s not only Paris that can be illuminated!

Finally, if you have an event to celebrate or if you simply want to “lather” your visit, you can accompany your ride with a bottle of champagne! Do not hesitate to ask for our champagne package 🙂

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